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Abela – Enhancing Maritime Operations
with Advanced Satellite Connectivity


In the maritime industry, where operations span the globe and demand constant connectivity, the collaboration between Exelia and OneNovation stands out as a beacon of innovation. Together, they have developed Abela, a comprehensive suite of products and services leveraging advanced satellite connectivity to revolutionize vessel ICT systems management. This case study delves into how Abela transforms maritime operations through its intuitive customer portal and suite of connectivity and data management tools.



Maritime operations face unique challenges in maintaining robust and reliable communication across vast distances, often in harsh and unpredictable conditions. Traditional ICT systems struggle to ensure continuity, manage data efficiently, and provide actionable insights for decision-making, hindering operational efficiency and crew welfare


Abela, born from the partnership between Exelia and OneNovation, addresses these challenges head-on. The platform offers an intuitive customer portal that serves as a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing vessel ICT systems. It features advanced tools designed to optimize connectivity, data management, and operational insights, including:

  • Robust Record Encryption and File Compression: Ensures secure and efficient storage and management of critical data.
  • Intelligent Auto-Resume Function: Guarantees uninterrupted uploads and downloads, vital for maintaining operations in challenging conditions.
  • Drive: A maritime folder synchronization tool that epitomizes efficiency, enabling seamless data access and sharing across the fleet.
  • Internet Café: Revolutionizes crew internet access management, ensuring connectivity is always within reach, enhancing crew welfare and productivity.
  • Data Analysis Module: Transforms vessel data usage into actionable insights with custom dashboards, enabling informed decision-making and operational optimization.
  • Robust Record Encryption and File Compression: Ensures secure and efficient storage and management of critical data.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Satellite Connectivity: Empowers maritime operations with reliable, high-speed communication capabilities, essential for remote monitoring and management.
  • Enhanced Data Security and Efficiency: With features like encryption and compression, Abela ensures data is secure and optimally managed.
  • Seamless Data Access and Sharing: Drive module facilitates efficient data synchronization, improving operational coordination across the fleet.
  • Improved Crew Connectivity: Internet Café module provides a platform for crew members to manage their internet access, boosting morale and connectivity.
  • Actionable Operational Insights: The Data Analysis module offers tailored dashboards, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.


Abela has markedly transformed maritime operations for their clients with OneNovation’s abela delivering unparalleled efficiency, connectivity, and data management capabilities. The platform’s comprehensive suite of tools and intuitive interface have made it indispensable for modernizing maritime ICT systems, ensuring operational continuity even in the most challenging conditions, and enabling strategic decision-making through enhanced data analysis.


Through the development of Abela, Exelia and OneNovation have redefined the maritime industry’s approach to connectivity and ICT system management. This innovative solution underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, ensuring maritime operations are not only more efficient and secure but also strategically informed. Abela exemplifies how advanced satellite connectivity can be harnessed to meet the complex demands of maritime operations, setting a new standard for operational excellence in the industry.

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