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Exelia is a highly specialized software firm that focuses in the creation of custom software solutions for multinational corporate clients in Europe and South Africa.

Custom Development

We build custom solutions that are tailored to your needs and vision.

Mobile Integration

We extend your current system and processes to mobile technology.

Executive solutions

We craft tailored dashboards that are fully synced with your asset-base.


We are up for any challenge.

What we offer

We provide the highest quality standards during and after the development lifecycle


We specialise in the development of ERP systems, data mining solutions, Delay Tolerant Networking, MS SharePoint/.NET systems and mobile software.


Our team’s collective experience includes over 20 years of building custom software solutions for global market leaders in Europe and South Africa.

Best practise

Our work follows the agile development methods and the PRINCE2 management pillars, thus ensuring quality controls our development.


We ensure that our clients experience a prototype version of their solution prior to its delivery.


The client has the right to retain the source-code and can ensure exclusivity on the custom controls of the project.


Our solutions guarantee the safety of the clients’ data. We use up to SHA512 protocols and custom algorithms.


Our solutions include full technical consultation to the client’s inquiries and the offer of Knowledge Management services.

Migration and Integration

We ensure the full compatibility and data transfer between the client’s old system with the new solution.

Support and Maintenance

Each client receives high quality after-sales support and optional maintenance services from expect engineers and analysts.

Our work process

Our practices are in line with the agile development methodologies and the PRINCE2 management pillars. We ensure the enforcement of the appropriate quality controls in our work and keep the client involved throughout the development life cycle.

Step 1: Analysis

Understanding your requirements and setting out the project plan.

Step 2: Implementation

Designing and building your solution.

Step 3: Testing and Acceptance

Testing your solution, improving it and delivering it to you.


Countries represented


Projects Engaged


Individuals involved


Aprox. hours of code


Featured Projects

Our portfolio includes a great variety of custom solutions, ranging from native mobile apps to tailored backend systems.

The client: World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation with 44,500+ employees worldwide.

The project: The department of Child Protection & Participation in World Vision (WV) as the following mission:
The vision of the CPP Learning Hub is to champion innovation, evidence and impact of MEER NO driven child protection and participation. Child protection consists of all measures taken to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect, exploitation and all other forms of violence against children.  Child participation refers to children’s agency to contribute to their own protection and that of others, as integral part of World Vision’s CP system, as reflected in the seventh element of the system, “Children’s resilience, life skills and participation”.
In accordance to this mission, WV requested a Learning Platform (online) which would attract children of all ages, with a primary focus on teenagers, and promote and enhance the awareness of protection and their own rights. This should also educate them as an non-instructor lead, online, self-paced portal, with educational content and educational games, as well as an aspect of personalization and customization.
The system was developed as a Moodle solution, which can be reused and installed as a theme or plugin on any Moodle 2.2+ platform.
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The client: ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM V5.0 is a cutting-edge technology, intelligent, Security Information and Event Management platform designed by Odyssey Consultants, and is the main delivery vehicle through which Odyssey’s ClearSkies Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) SIEM line of services are provided. It also incorporates a best practice workflow for managing information security incidents in a structured, efficient and effective manner. The ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM services address the need of organizations of any size or industry, to manage the wealth of log data generated from security devices, systems, applications, network infrastructures and communication links. Odyssey offers this free mobile device app in order to further enhance the access and service experience of its ClearSkies SECaaS SIEM subscribers, Odyssey Managed Security clients, as well as that of the general public.

The project: Native application, for the iPhone,Android and Windows phones.
What you will get out of installing this app on your device:
  • If you are a non-ClearSkies or Managed Security subscriber install to:
    1. Stay informed (as a push notification service) of the latest Internet security threats/vulnerabilities, as well as related Cyber-intelligence as it comes straight out of Odyssey’s Ithaca Labs;
    2. Receive valuable information on Odyssey’s solutions, services and cloud products/services, as well as upcoming events and latest news
  • If you are a ClearSkies SIEM or Managed Security subscriber install to:
    1. Securely access your ClearSkies SIEM service or Managed Security, which virtually puts at your fingertips the capabilities you need to stay on top of the things that happen in your network when you are on the go
    2. Features accessible to our subscribers through the app include:
      • Analytics: Log Data Collected, Log Data Generated by Source IPs, Log Data Generated by Destination IPs, Top Message IDs
      • Event Management: Alerts Trend, Outstanding Alerts, Geolocation for Alerts, Outstanding Incidents
      • Vulnerabilities Management: IP addresses with the highest number of vulnerabilities, Vulnerabilities by the Asset Category, Vulnerability Distribution by severity
      • IthacaLabs©: Malicious IP addresses, Geographical Statistics for Malware Activity, Top CVE IDs by Severity, latest and upcoming vulnerabilities
      • Performance & Availability for the in-scope assets
      • Threat Intelligence: Current Threat Level, Latest Threats
    3. Receive valuable information on Odyssey’s solutions, services and cloud products/services, as well as upcoming events and latest news

Get the application for:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows Phone
Imperial Group

Imperial Group

The client: Imperial Group is a group of companies operating in finance, logistics and various other sectors, employing over 51 000 people across South Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia.

The project: Native application-executive dashboard system designed for the iPad.
The application offers:

  1. Graphical Representation of the fiscal month for each individual company under Imperial Holdings Group
  2. Grid analysis of the major financial metrics
  3. Drill down analysis of Actual / Budget / Forecast values for each fiscal month
  4. Automatic synchronization of the updated data
  5. Offline inspection of the data

*The application is privately held by the client for the purposes of internal use only.

Odyssey Consultants

Odyssey Consultants

The client: Odyssey Consultants is an ISO 27001 certified, Information Security, Infrastructure and Risk Management Solutions integrator and a Managed Security & Outsourcing Services Provider.

The project: Native application, for the iPhone and Android phones.
Non-Odyssey subscribers to receive:
  1. Alerts (as a push notification service) of the latest internet security threats, as well as related intelligence as it comes straight out of Odyssey’s Ithaca Labs;
  2. Information on Odyssey’s solutions, services and cloud products, as well as news events, and other interesting announcements.

Odyssey Managed Security or ClearSkies SIEM subscribers can access their profile and receive:

  1. User’s Profile Information
  2. Executive Dashboard
  3. Events VS Alerts VS Incidents Identified/Published
  4. # of Outstanding Incidents by severity
  5. Threat Alerts generated per hour
  6. Health and Status of your Assets
  7. Incidents
  8. Most Recent
  9. Geolocation
  10. Alerts
  11. Top 10 Daily
  12. Geologation
  13. Ithaca Labs
  14. Threats by Country
  15. Top 10 Malware Domains
  16. Attacks by Activity
  17. Reports
  18. Push Notification for Incidents published, Security News and Internet Threat Alerting

Get the application for:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
Aristo Developers

Aristo Developers

The client: Aristo Developers established is the largest private landowner in Cyprus with over 250 projects and significant activities in the related sector across Europe.

The project: Native application for property search and customization, designed for the iPad.
The application offers:
  1. Filtering via Location, Budget, Type of Property and Bedrooms
  2. Map view: A map that shows the area of each unit will exist
  3. Search Results
  4. Detailed view, with photo gallery, video if any, floor plans, description, brochure, drawing
  5. Contact view, about / support view
  6. Share specific item to Twitter, Facebook, email, iMessage (SMS)
  7. 360 View: the representation of the 3D model on the tablet
  8. Virtualize Engine, which enables the user to place floor tiles and furniture on 2D floor plans.
  9. The option to select between a range of plot styles (based on area, size, location)
  10. Importing of building plans in the selected plot

*The application is currently in alpha testing and will be available soon on the Apple AppStore

Instaplace Cyprus

Instaplace Cyprus

The client: Instaplace Cyprus is an easy to use and helps you find whatever you want as quickly as possible! No more coupons, vouchers and cards! It is in your pocket and can get you access to the best offers and deals all around Cyprus.

The project: Native application, for iOS.
The user is able to:
  1. Select the city of their choice and any category from Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs, Shops, Beauty/Spa facilities and Hotels
  2. Retrieve full description of the listed places and the option to call and/or view it on the map, and rate it
  3. View the places around them on the map based on your geolocation
  4. Receive offers from thousands of vendors (as push notifications)
  5. Access the information on the phone even when WiFi and 3G are not available

Get the application for:

  1. iOS
World Vision (MEERO Region)

World Vision (MEERO Region)

The client: World Vision International is an Evangelical Christian humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organisation with 44,500+ employees worldwide.

The project: World Vision MEERO, is a regional dashboard portal for internal usage.  A Sharepoint solution was suggested to be used as a collaborative system where users would be able to use all of their everyday processes under a one unified portal.

The features include:

  1. Dashboard – Most important and critical information is displayed right in the landing page
  2. Lotus Note integration – Web page where the user can login to the personal Lotus Note account
  3. Calendar – Variety of different purpose calendars with the option to display them all in a consolidated view
  4. Blog / Discussion – Integration with several different tweeter accounts displayed in a HootSuite view
  5. Synchronization with SkyDrive
  6. Customized list forms with different views
  7. Email notifications and alerts when changes happen on specific list items
  8. Custom Sharepoint Web Parts for better implementation of the branded portal
  9. Workflow

*The system is only available for the internal usage of the client

What do market leaders think of our work?

  • Each interaction with the Exelia team was supportive, timely, and highly professional

    Ross Piper - Senior Director of Operations, World Vision (Middle East/Eastern Europe Region)

  • Innovative and quick to respond to customer needs and delivering high quality and cost effective solutions on time

    Willem Reitsma - Group Treasurer, Imperial Holdings (South Africa, International)

  • Exelia’s team proved to be both professional and customer oriented

    Theodoros Aristodemou - CEO, Aristo Developers (Cyprus, Europe)

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